Welcome to Equine Events and Videography!


Having spent 10 years building up an online presence for a horse-training company, including managing their YouTube channel, I recognised the need for a creative, flexible approach to helping individuals and companies with their basic social media requirements and by producing affordable, accessible videos for them.


Whether you need to create a video or want to start a YouTube channel for friends or clients, I can help.  

I have a personal interest in helping people to engage, learn and thrive through video, and specialist experience in the equestrian sector.


If you also require flexible help with online office administration such as creating scheduled posts for Facebook, writing client forms or responding to emails, I may also be able to help (subject to availability).

If you're not sure exactly what you require, I can normally tailor a service to suit your individual requirements.

To contact me, please email: mel.mckernan@outlook.com